Deekshitha Thumma

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CEO & Co-founder

Deekshitha is the co-founder and CEO of BeautiBook. She is a soon-to-be Computer Science graduate from the University of Colorado with a love for programming, entrepreneurship, and makeup. Deekshitha plays a leading role in the development of the BeautiBook app as well as marketing & management. Deekshitha's entrepreneurial spirit and need for a way to easily organize her makeup looks and makeup inspired the venture of BeautiBook.

Rachel Platt

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CTO & Co-founder

Rachel is the co-founder and CTO of BeautiBook. Rachel will graduate with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Colorado this spring. She is passionate about the intersection of design and code. Rachel drives the company's UX design strategy and operations strategy, and is excited to bring makeup users and their creations together in an informative and useful application.